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the various boards are now back on-line, if you have a problem registering please send a e-mail to, and state which board you having trouble with. Those members who registered with the DCFD board, if you cannot access the board - please register again - Thanks regs1



                   Welcome to THEWATCHDESK.COM PORTAL WEBSITE      

**All  past members of the old forums will have to reregister **                          

 On this page  you will find links that will place you onto the various bullentin boards, and  blogs.

The Bulletin Information tab contains information and rules for posting.  Please take the time to reveiw these rules. Those members who do violate the rules, will be banned from posting on any board.
The Forums can be access by clicking  on the Watchdesk forum link. These forums are open to everone. Access to this area can also be done by typing in any browser.

The Retired Firefighters board is a bulletin board set up for Retired Firefighters. This board is for members to post announcements, and discuss issues that effect retired members. You can access this board by using the provided link or typing http:// in any browser.

The DCFD Board is a secured board for member of the District of Columbia Fire Department. This board is restricted to members of this Department only. To gain access please used the provided tab to obtain further information, and to fill out the required form.


***Commercial posting of products or services will be only allowed on the designated boards areas - only with the permission  of the website administrators.